Thursday, 25 April 2013

From buget travel to the most expensive and luxurious holiday package...

As you'd be aware from reading this blog, in the main, I let you know how to get great deals on flights and on hotels.

With this post, I am going from one extreme to the other. A company called VeryFirstTo is selling a once in a lifetime holiday which has been put together by UK luxury travel company Huntington Travel. It is a holiday which will take you to all 962 UNESCO World Heritage Committee sites (or at least those to which it is safe to travel).

What is the cost of this journey I hear you ask? Just a bit of pocket money really. 900,000 British pounds will buy you this experience!

Apart from seeing as many of the 962 sites, what else do you get? You will travel at a minimum of business class (I thought it would have been first class all the way for this sort of trip!). Accommodation is only the best hotels, such as Sandy Lane (Barbados); Hotel George V (Paris); The Plaza (New York); The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai); Cipriani Hotel (Venice); and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Moscow).

Obviously, it's also not a trip that you can do quickly either. Apart from needing 900,00 pounds for the experience, you will also need to have two years free to do it. Even at a leisurely 2 year duration, you're still managing an average of  1.3 World Heritage sites per day. So not only do you need to have the 900,000 pounds to spare, you also need to have enough money to support you for the 2 years that you are travelling.

It's not all about selfish indulgence either, a kind donation of 5,000 pounds will be made to UNESCO during the trip.

Apparently, there are two people who are currently finalising their itineraries, a very rich Chinese PHD student who will take the trip once he has finished his PHD (I've not done a PHD but I don't think I did anything but have a few drinks at the local bar when I finished my Masters) and an Italian businessman.

This truly is a once in a lifetime trip. Ah, we can dream, can't we?

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