Saturday, 16 February 2013

About me

I guess the best place to start with a blog is to explain who I am.
I am an Aussie girl in her 30s who has been travelling the world since she was 7. I have been lucky enough to travel to four of the seven continents (yes, there are seven as we were taught in primary school here in Australia, not five as some would have you believe!)
I have even been fortunate enough to have lived in Europe three times.
My father passed on his infectious love of travel to me at a young age and I am thankful to him for sharing it with me, even if it is an expensive hobby to have!
I have started this blog after much encouragement and suggestion from family and friends. Whereas most travel blogs are about the travels people have been on, this, at least at first, will be about travel tips.


  1. I will definitely be checking this out before my next trip :)

  2. Thanks Lucy. That's great to hear!